Monthly Archives: June 2018

Evaluate your Tribe

As we grow, develop and advance our careers, businesses and lives, there are people who come in and out of our world.  In this podcast, we talk with Britanee TeBrake, owner of Leading-Edge Talent Solutions about how important it is to constantly be evaluating the people you have around you and if they are the right people to help you get to the next level.  By evaluating our tribe, we can ensure that we are recruiting for the people who can help us achieve our next level of success.  (

Core Values Matter

In this podcast, we will discuss the topic of Core Values.  Many businesses do work to define their values from a marketing standpoint, but individuals also have Core Values.  Understanding those core values is so important as you grow your business or your career.  In this episode we talk with John and Beau, partners from Orangeball Creative about how understanding their Core Values have transformed their business and their relationships in the business.