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The Art of Delegation

Many of us, as we are building our Careers, Businesses, or dealing with changes in our personal lives tend to take on more than we should for too long. I see it consistently with my coaching clients, so I wanted to bring the topic of Delegation to this group to discuss the art and power of it. Delegating in the right areas of your life and business can free you to do more of what you are good at and what gives you energy, which has a compounding effect on your family, career, and business. My guest, Matt Engelmann is the owner of 3 Rivers Tax Service, but beyond being an expert at tax strategies, he is an expert at helping you delegate in a way that is valuable and within your budget to drive the greatest growth and fulfillment in this thing we call life. Get more information on Matt and how he can help at

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Strengthening your Empathy Muscles

Empathy is a crucial skill to hone as part of your leadership journey. The power of empathy to help you get more done, engage people to do more than they think they can and create really solid relationships is important in every aspect of your life and career or business. It’s a huge differentiator for leaders who use it effectively and can have a positive impact on your personal fulfillment and engagement. In this podcast, we discuss what empathy looks like in different areas of your life and how you can make it a bigger part of your leadership approach – both personally and in business.

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The Principles of Human Potential

Do you get out of bed every morning excited to take on the day or do you start it scowling at your alarm and wishing you could stay in bed?  We all have those days, but when you aren’t starting your day and living life with a positive energy and outlook, it affects everything you do.  So many of us are burned out, overworked and full of stress and worry, and we don’t know how to break the cycle.  In this podcast, we hear from Rev Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon about her story and how really getting in touch with her energy and mind was what healed her from the inside out.  This is a must listen for anyone who wants more out of life and really wants to feel more positive and joyful day in and day out.
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The Evolution of your SuperPowers

In this podcast, we unwrap the idea that as you grow and evolve your strengths (aka SuperPowers) also grow and evolve. Do you think they change completely, or do they just become more refined and clear? We will chat with Cheryl Leitschau about her life experience as well as her many examples of coaching people through major transitions in life and careers about how your superpowers transition, evolve and grow stronger throughout your life.

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