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The Beauty in Getting “Kicked Off the Wheel”

So many times, in life, circumstances happen to us that make us question our worth, deplete our confidence and sometimes knock us down all together.  But what if that “kicked off the wheel” moment is there to help you find strength in new places?  What if it’s there to help you build muscle for what’s next.  Heather Boshke joins us to share her journey that includes multiple times where she was kicked off the wheel and how each one helped her get closer to who she really was. Edit date and time
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Navigating the Seasons of our Careers

Any successful person will tell you that their career has had many different seasons.  Seasons when you hit the gas and focus on your career and seasons where you are braking and focusing on your own life or your family.  It’s normal and being able to make the right choices for you at the right time is what leads to sustainable success as a leader.  Jennifer Zick, founder and CEO of Authentic joins us to talk about her success journey in all of the roles that she plays.
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