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Time Management Is Not The Issue

Time Management is a topic that we have been hearing about for years, there are people who specialize in training to help us with this. While I think organization and managing your tasks and responsibilities effectively is an important skill, I also believe that time management is not the issue. We all get the exact same amount of hours every day and we each make CHOICES about how to use that time. As I coach clients and work with leadership teams, this is a huge paradigm shift for them. We own making choices about our own time, and the most successful people on the planet have figured out how to put focused attention onto the things that give them the best results and get rid of those things that cost them time.

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You might be thinking, what is Fundamism? That’s exactly what I thought when I saw Paul speak. And now it’s something I constantly think about and have incorporated into my life. Paul is full of energy and lives life to the fullest, and sometimes we just need energy like that around us.

Join us to learn about fundamism and how to make it part of your life, career, and business. Because really, if it’s not fun, then we shouldn’t be doing it!

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The Power of Confidence

Confidence is something we all know we need and that we are constantly working on.  In this episode, we talk with Sara Krisher, owner of Stand Tall, LLC,  about what confidence really means.  We want to shift your paradigm and increase your confidence in yourself, your decisions and others in a productive and positive way.  Confidence is rooted in some key elements that we have a lot more control over than we realize!

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Finish Line Syndrome

In this episode, we will discuss the impact of always focusing on the finish line instead of the journey, aka, Finish Line Syndrome.  This approach can have a negative impact on your mindset, business, career, and family.  We discuss ways to find balance with success goals and being present in the day to day journey towards them.  Check out more information on Keystone Group International’s coaching programs at

The Generational Divide

There is so much noise out there on how to manage the differences in the generations and how to work effectively with Millennials.  In this podcast, we get a fresh perspective on the generational differences and similarities and discuss how we can all use our unique superpowers to help drive real conversations about this topic.  Matt Havens is an amazing speaker and leader in this space and I know you will enjoy his funny approach to a very popular topic.  Check out his site at