1% Happier

Chelsey Paulson, the queen of culture and leadership, and one of my fantastic team members joins us to talk about Happiness. Not from a fluffy perspective, but from a scientific, find the source and focus on it perspective. Our world needs more leaders, more humans who have the tools to find more joy and happiness. It doesn’t mean we live in it everyday, but it can mean that we are striving to be 1% Happier.

Connect with Chelsey on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chelsey-paulson/

The Life You Lead Is the Lesson You Teach

So…this one is a deep one. Be prepared to laugh, maybe cry a little, but truly be impacted. I’m so grateful to have Mick White, a dear friend of mine on the podcast to share his story around finding his purpose and how he is living into it every day. Find out more about Mick’s 100 year manifesto work here:


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/100yearmanifesto/

Humility as a Success Superpower

How do you embrace a beginners mindset, how can humility help you create a career and a journey that leaves a legacy? Kanthi Yalamanchili has had a very unique path to success, one that has forced her to use her humility as a superpower to step into new roles where she had no experience and figure out how to create success. Her journey is one that can inspire us to pay attention to the opportunities that present themselves and go after our dreams.

Connection with Kanthi here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kchili/

How Strong is Your Strategic Thinking Muscle?

Many of us spends are days in full execution mode, answering emails, attending meetings and heads down working through issues.  We don’t spend much time thinking strategically or planning for the future.  And, even if we are given time in our schedule to think, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.  Mary Rapaport, the creator of The Strategic Playground, set out to solve that for leaders.  Listen in as she shares with us how to insert strategy into our day to day lives.  Learn more about Mary and her workshops at the following links:

The Beauty in Getting “Kicked Off the Wheel”

So many times, in life, circumstances happen to us that make us question our worth, deplete our confidence and sometimes knock us down all together.  But what if that “kicked off the wheel” moment is there to help you find strength in new places?  What if it’s there to help you build muscle for what’s next.  Heather Boshke joins us to share her journey that includes multiple times where she was kicked off the wheel and how each one helped her get closer to who she really was. Edit date and time
Find out more about Heather, her marketing expertise and her children’s books at the following links:

Navigating the Seasons of our Careers

Any successful person will tell you that their career has had many different seasons.  Seasons when you hit the gas and focus on your career and seasons where you are braking and focusing on your own life or your family.  It’s normal and being able to make the right choices for you at the right time is what leads to sustainable success as a leader.  Jennifer Zick, founder and CEO of Authentic joins us to talk about her success journey in all of the roles that she plays.
Connect with Jennifer here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jzick/ and learn more about her company Authentic here:  https://authenticbrand.com/

Permission to go off the Trail

Leaders of all types and experience levels are feeling restless right now.  We all feel kind of stuck and as our guest Sarah Line describes it, Creating Cages of Comfort.  We know there’s more out there, we know there’s growth we want to have, and we don’t know how to gain the courage to do it.  Sarah shares her life experience and her mission with her company Boredroom Breakouts to help people grow through experiences.  Find out more about Sarah’s retreats at https://www.boredroombreakouts.com/, and find specific information about the retreat that Jaime will be co-leading with Sarah in June of 2024 in the Italian Dolomites:  https://youli.io/t/breakaway/2024-ladies-in-leadership-the-dolomites

The Impact of Restlessness

There is a new tension evolving in the business world.  This tension of restlessness on the side of the employees and frustration from leaders.  We each want more, but we aren’t sure what we need.  Our energy is low and it’s compounding the issue.  Dena Mayne, COO of Keystone discusses her perspective and guidance on how to overcome restlessness – as an employee, a leader and an organization.

What Does it Take to Write A Book?

Stephanie interviews CEO and Founder Jaime Taets, and Chief Strategy Officer, Chelsey Paulson about the pure joy as well as agony of writing a book. What it takes to start with an an idea and bring it to life in the form of a book. They share their mindset and details on the writing and process, the high and lows and and how much Jaime and Chelsey both LOVE Culture.  Culture is intertwined in both of their lives, personally and professional. Listen now, from Keystone’s own Culture experts. An episode you don’t want to miss.

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Lean into the Edge

How often does fear impact our approach and decisions as leaders? Matt Schwandt joins us and shares his wisdom and approach around leaning into the edge of fear and how it can shift your perspective. Learn more and connect with Matt at https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-schwandt-360aba243/

Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 10 years of experience as co-founder and president of Bauhaus Brew Labs, a popular craft brewery and taproom located in Northeast Minneapolis. Throughout his time at Bauhaus, Matt has effectively managed teams of over 20 employees across three distinct business units, while also spearheading the successful development and launch of multiple product lines from initial concept to market release.

Matt’s leadership philosophy centers around cultivating a dynamic and creative work environment that empowers teams to achieve their full potential. His passion for leadership development has resulted in a thriving workplace culture that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and individual growth.

In addition to his work in the brewing industry and consulting space, Matt is also an attorney who previously served as an assistant attorney general for the state of Minnesota. In this role, he represented the state’s largest executive branch agency, providing valuable legal guidance and representation. Subsequently, Matt transitioned into private practice with a firm specializing in employment law and representing clients in a wide range of business-related matters.

Learn more and connect with Matt at https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-schwandt-360aba243/