Monthly Archives: December 2021

Peak Leadership

As leaders we know that our energy is contagious, and we replenish and renew it by ensuring we are always growing and learning. Better yet we are evolving into who we have defined and are destined to become. Rana DeBoer, Chief Impact Officer, talks about simple steps to re-energize and sharpen your game in leadership. Be sure to listen to the end for a special announcement on the Peak Leadership program. To learn more about the program email us at

Employee Retention Top 10 List

Retaining employees and creating a positive culture is more important now than ever before. Chesley Paulson shares 10 tips to help businesses everywhere retain their employees and lead into tomorrow.

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Using Psychological Safety to Lead Through the War on Talent

Leading a team climate that is rich in psychological safety is an effective way to win the war on talent.  Rana DeBoer shares perspective on the what, why, and how of using psychological safety to keep and retain talent.  She shares the “5C” recipe that drives performance and engages team. Sign up for Keystone’s newsletter and learn more about how Keystone can help you and your business by contacting us at or

Great Resignation vs Great Retention

Shifting your view from stressing about the Great Resignation to focusing on retaining your employees will help attract and keep the employees you want. Retaining employees comes down to your leaders focusing on your people and your culture. Chelsey Paulson shares her thoughts on the Great Resignation vs the Great Retention and how companies that have a shared purpose create an environment where employees want to stay. Sign up for Keystone’s monthly newsletter and learn more about how Keystone can help by contacting us at or