Monthly Archives: September 2018

Operating in Emergency Mode

Do you ever feel like there’s so much to do, and you are so behind that you will never get ahead? Whether it’s in our careers, our personal lives or as we build a business, we all have those times when it feels really overwhelming. In this podcast, we will talk with Diane Halfman about how to recognize when you are “operating in emergency mode” and tips on how to get out of emergency mode and gain clarity because it’s impossible to solve big problems when you are operating in emergency mode. Diane has a truly fascinating story and has helped very successful people gain clarity and calm. Find out more about Diane here: Learn about Jaime’s coaching programs by contacting us at or

The Real Definition of Health

So many of us leaders are running at 100mph all of the time. We are fitting more than one day’s worth of work, family, and activities into a day. And the first thing that usually falls to the wayside is our health. In this episode, we re-define what health really means and give ideas about how to make it a priority without having to give up something else. If you are not healthy, it’s hard to support those around you – personally or professionally. Your health is the foundation to you achieving Success. Find out more about Taren and her company Powered on Well here:  Learn about Jaime’s coaching programs by contacting us at or

No Such Thing As Balance

Balance is a myth. There’s no such thing as balance, there are always choices we make to focus on things that are important or that need our attention. The more we focus on trying to “balance” it all, the more frustrated we get. In this podcast, we will talk about how to change our paradigm to assessing the choices we are making and how to make those choices in confidence and feel good about it. Learn about Jaime’s coaching programs by contacting us at or

Leaders are Learners

In this episode, we discuss the importance of being a constant learner. So many of us get experience and skills in what we do and we stop focusing on learning. In today’s climate, the strongest leaders and the most successful people are always focused on learning new things and challenging the way things are done. You have to be able to learn, change and adjust to evolve. You will hear from Learning and Development Expert, Kate Dileo on how she thinks about learning and how to incorporate it into your day to day activities. You can contact Kate for further information on her learning approaches at:

Learn about Jaime’s coaching programs by contacting us at or