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Redefining Success

Jen Tregarthen is a military veteran, purple heart recipient, huge supporter of veterans and one of the most vulnerable leaders I know.  She brings a sense of logic and vulnerability to her leadership approach and through her work is able to help bring those same skillsets to her clients.

You can connect with Jen here to learn more about her and her work at Lockton Companies:

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 It’s All About the Relationships

Aaron Eggert

Founder + CVO : Coalition9

This Minnesota professional has a history of turning small business into big business and connecting the brains of the Twin Cities community. With roles in several businesses as both an advisor and investor,  co-founding a non-profit called Minneapolis HOPE, and proof of his incredible ability to grow an organization – it isn’t hard to believe that he has a knack for initiating and maintaining great relationships and great business. Aaron made his first major break-through at an office products distributor when he broke the first three years sales record that had been in place longer than he had been alive. Then, at age 29 he became Vice President of Sales leading the company into more profit and took a mediocre office furnishings division from bland to booming in 2 short years. That’s when he was noticed and recruited to join iSpace Environments as a Partner, which at the time was a medium sized office furnishings business. In 5 years, Aaron and his team led the company to 270% growth through brand awareness, strategic planning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. He believes that his success is about being genuine in his desire to understand his client’s business with the passion to connect and to be a resource to others.

The beginning of this journey began in the summer of 2017. Aaron had just turned forty years old and found himself in a bit of a predicament. As a partner in a successful office furnishings and technology firm that had grown exponentially over the past few years, he should have been on top of the world. However, it was quite the contrary. It’s not like he was going through a mid-life crisis or anything, he was just missing something. So, Aaron took some time off to reflect and get to the root of what was causing this void. During his reflection it became abundantly clear how fortunate he was. He has lived a life filled with success and fantastic experiences, his wife is a complete rock star independent business owner, and they own a hobby farm with seven chickens. What’s not to love about that? Then it hit him. Aaron found himself asking “What am I doing to create purpose and solidify my legacy?”

After a couple years of consulting as a Revenue Strategist, the idea of Coalition9 was born. The C9 community was created around one simple premise. Bring good people together, regardless of their progress in the leadership journey, with a focus on Character First. We strive to create a community where a diversity of experiences in business and life is celebrated with a vision of Changing Business Nine Leaders at a Time.

Doing business with other Members should make life just a bit easier. Surrounding yourself with top leaders will push you to be your best. Focusing on the things that really matter – your impact on the business community and those you lead – will change you for the better. Lastly, we believe it’s highly important to make this financially accessible, yet exclusive, based on Character. We’re working hard to bring good people together to ignite a leadership revolution.

Aaron’s role as Chief Vision Officer is to ensure that we are driving the experience and community forward for the maximum positive impact on the lives of our Members. The role of the Members and facilitators is to guide this community and be a constant voice for growth, evolution, and relationship building. All Members will have access to and play a part in the well-being of the community, and their voices will be heard on how to continue providing an unmatched experience. Without the Members and their voices, we have nothing.

As someone who thrives on connection, Aaron takes great pride in building a relationship with every single Member. Together, we are building something really special here.

Are You Future-Fit For Success?

As a child born in a third-world country and living in four continents by the age of ten, Haydee learned not only to survive but thrive in disruption. Today, we need this ability more than ever as our world becomes more volatile and uncertain.

For twenty-two years Haydee’s high-energy, power content and practical solutions has impacted thousands of leaders and professionals globally from Government offices to Fortune 500 boardrooms. Together with her team she has also coached celebrities (even a Miss World and Miss Universe).

From being the youngest director of multinational L’Oréal to owning retail and manufacturing companies – her work and life lessons embody courage and triumph over adversity. Haydee’s book “Packaged For Success” ranked number one international Amazon bestseller in eleven categories. She is a CSP (certified speaking professional) a designation held by only 12% of professional speakers worldwide.
Not bad for a Bolivian girl who dreamed to speak English one day.

Haydee sees her biggest achievement as giving birth to twins at age 47, listens to everything ’80s, and loves her life in the Temecula wine region of SoCal.

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Tap into Something New

Barb Patterson partners with entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe to help them understand their purpose and impact and tap into their unlimited human potential. She joins us to talk about tapping into something new to solve issues and shares her own leadership journey and the pivotal points along the way. Connect with Barb to learn more about how she can support you or your team.

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Facebook: Barb Patterson

Twitter: @Barb_Patterson

The Journey is never a Straight Line

Since joining Reell in 2004, Shari Erdman has worked across many areas of manufacturing including sourcing, customer account management, accounting support, manufacturing process improvements, HR management, quality and overall office administration of Reell’s Spring Technologies division. Her unique story of HR leader to president, is one filled with curiosity, drive. Listen how Shari maintains and instills the company’s values in everything she does.



Culture is the Leaders Choice

John Schwanke is the President of Lakeview Industries.  To say that Lakeview has been transformed over the last few years is an understatement.  John talks about his own leadership growth and how his evolution has helped the entire Lakeview organization evolve, grow and transform into a business that is stronger than ever.

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Leading with Grace

As leader’s we all have a story that has driven who we are and how we show up every day.  Jackie Rieck, marketing leader for King Technologies joins us to talk

Jackie is an innovative, entrepreneurial, and consumer centric head of marketing with extensive experience developing and executing successful business strategies, teams and functions that facilitate aggressive company growth and positive corporate culture. Adept at building and analyzing strategies, capitalizing on market trends, and building competitive advantage. Authentic and inspirational leadership style that generates trust, loyalty, respect, and results.

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Elevating your business from GOOD to GREAT

Chelsey Paulson, Chief Strategy Officer at Keystone Group, talks with Steve Preda, Pinnacle Business Guide & Bestselling Author, about elevating your business from GOOD to GREAT.

About Steve:

STEVE PREDA is a Leadership Team Coach whose passion is to help privately owned businesses grow and thrive. He pursues it by simplifying and teaching management and strategy concepts used by large companies, and elite consulting firms. Since 2012, he has helped over 100 businesses grow their teams, revenues, and profits as a business coach, EOS Implementer, and as a Pinnacle Business Guide. Steve explores business-growth shortcuts on the Management Blueprint podcast, and delivers workshops and keynotes to business leaders around the US. He loves helping growth-minded entrepreneurs and their leadership teams reach their business-pinnacles.

Buy your copy of the book, Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain, HERE

New Levels of Growth and Leadership Conviction

Rana DeBoer from Keystone Group chats with Abbey Vanderwerf, Vice President, Employee Health & Benefits at Marsh McLennan Agency Dakotas about leading with conviction through growth, and the evolution of business & people.

About Abbey

Abbey Vanderwerf is the Vice President of Employee Health & Benefits at Marsh McLennan Agency Dakotas. Since joining the agency in 2008 she has held a variety of roles assisting employer groups with their overall benefits strategy, spending time educating on the Affordable Care Act, leading both operations and sales for the team and currently is responsible for both the Sioux Falls and Fargo benefits team. Prior to joining MMA she spent the early years of her career in Human Resources. Abbey stays active in the community on two local non-profit boards and teaching religious education at her church. In her free time, she can be found camping and fishing with her family, catching a run on a good dirt road or riding her peloton bike.

About Marsh McLennan Agency:

MMA is a local Insurance Agency with Global Reach. They are committed to their culture and colleague experience, giving employees the opportunity to grow in both their personal and professional aspirations leaving them with limitless potential.

When in Transition, Listen

Chelsey Paulson from Keystone Group chats with Jim Roddy, CEO of the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) about the moments that shaped him, and the many lessons he learned through leadership transitions.

About Jim:

Jim Roddy has been active in the retail IT channel since 1998, including 11 years as the President of Business Solutions Magazine, six years as an RSPA board member, and one term as RSPA Chairman of the Board. Jim has been recognized as one of the world’s Top 100 Retail Influencers by RETHINK Retail and as a Leading CannaTech Influencer by 420MSP. He is author of The Walk-On Method and Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer and is host of the award-winning RSPA Trusted Advisor podcast.  

Contact Jim:

Book: The Walk-On Method

Book: Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer