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Permission to go off the Trail

Leaders of all types and experience levels are feeling restless right now.  We all feel kind of stuck and as our guest Sarah Line describes it, Creating Cages of Comfort.  We know there’s more out there, we know there’s growth we want to have, and we don’t know how to gain the courage to do it.  Sarah shares her life experience and her mission with her company Boredroom Breakouts to help people grow through experiences.  Find out more about Sarah’s retreats at, and find specific information about the retreat that Jaime will be co-leading with Sarah in June of 2024 in the Italian Dolomites:

The Impact of Restlessness

There is a new tension evolving in the business world.  This tension of restlessness on the side of the employees and frustration from leaders.  We each want more, but we aren’t sure what we need.  Our energy is low and it’s compounding the issue.  Dena Mayne, COO of Keystone discusses her perspective and guidance on how to overcome restlessness – as an employee, a leader and an organization.

What Does it Take to Write A Book?

Stephanie interviews CEO and Founder Jaime Taets, and Chief Strategy Officer, Chelsey Paulson about the pure joy as well as agony of writing a book. What it takes to start with an an idea and bring it to life in the form of a book. They share their mindset and details on the writing and process, the high and lows and and how much Jaime and Chelsey both LOVE Culture.  Culture is intertwined in both of their lives, personally and professional. Listen now, from Keystone’s own Culture experts. An episode you don’t want to miss.

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Lean into the Edge

How often does fear impact our approach and decisions as leaders? Matt Schwandt joins us and shares his wisdom and approach around leaning into the edge of fear and how it can shift your perspective. Learn more and connect with Matt at

Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 10 years of experience as co-founder and president of Bauhaus Brew Labs, a popular craft brewery and taproom located in Northeast Minneapolis. Throughout his time at Bauhaus, Matt has effectively managed teams of over 20 employees across three distinct business units, while also spearheading the successful development and launch of multiple product lines from initial concept to market release.

Matt’s leadership philosophy centers around cultivating a dynamic and creative work environment that empowers teams to achieve their full potential. His passion for leadership development has resulted in a thriving workplace culture that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and individual growth.

In addition to his work in the brewing industry and consulting space, Matt is also an attorney who previously served as an assistant attorney general for the state of Minnesota. In this role, he represented the state’s largest executive branch agency, providing valuable legal guidance and representation. Subsequently, Matt transitioned into private practice with a firm specializing in employment law and representing clients in a wide range of business-related matters.

Learn more and connect with Matt at

Be Kind to Yourself

Leadership is hard sometimes, but when you figure out that your job is to be the coach and not the doer, things get a lot easier. Andy Dulka has honed his leadership skills over his entire career and continue to learn and evolve as a leader. He shares his leadership wisdom with us in this podcast and leaves us with the message that as leaders, we need to be kind to ourselves and realize that we aren’t going to always get it right, but we can always learn. Connect with Andy and learn more about him at:

Creating The Space for Culture to Thrive

Kelly Kolar has spent her entire career creating spaces that support growth and comfort.  As the Founder of Kolar Design, she has built office, healthcare and other spaces around the world. She shares her leadership journey and what she has learned about how spaces truly create environments where people can thrive.

Learn more about Kelly and the work that her and her team do at

If You’re Not Sure, You’re Sure

Eric Harkins is the President and Founder of GKG Search & Outplacement, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm that helps organizations Get talent, Keep talent & Grow talent. He is also an Amazon #1 best-selling author of: Great Leaders Make Sure Monday Morning Doesn’t Suck; How to Get, Keep & Grow Talent.

His goal is simple: Help every company he works with make sure Monday morning doesn’t suck for their employees. Eric is a motivational speaker, consultant, executive-coach, and an expert in helping companies create a culture high performers want to be a part of.

During his 25-year career in corporate America, Eric held leadership roles ranging from Manager to Chief Human Resources and Chief Administrative Officer.

Listen in to get his 3 rules to being a great leader.

Connect with Eric Harkins and learn more about his organization here.

Get your own copy of Eric’s book here.



Design the Life You Want

Missy Chicre, CEO at Menttium joins us and shares her story of how she constantly strives to design the life she wants, not the life that others want for her.  And while that is always a struggle, and takes hard work, she has proven in her career that people will support you and you can still achieve success – on your terms.  Find out more about Missy and Menttium’s services on LinkedIn:
Missy Chicre –
Menttium –

Missy Chicre is the Chief Executive Officer at Menttium Corporation, a woman-owned and woman-led
professional mentoring company. She is a curious, passionate, authentic leader who strives to
create positive change in individuals and in organizations. Missy sets the vision and strategic direction
for Menttium, which has been the leader in innovative mentoring programs for over three decades. In
Missy’s Menttium tenure, she has touched nearly all aspects of the business and was named CEO in
January 2023. Missy is committed to Menttium’s mission to strengthen organizations through their
people. Menttium is changing lives and driving performance one mentoring match at a time, through
authentic human connections.
Prior to joining Menttium in 2017, Missy spent over a decade as an HR leader in various large
corporations, including Cargill, Best Buy, and Accenture. From roles in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
that took Missy all over the U.S. and Latin America, to roles in various areas of talent management and
HR transformation in Fortune 500 organizations, Missy has a track record for driving results.
Missy is bilingual in English and Spanish and cares deeply about the development and advancement of
women. As a working mom, she is particularly passionate about helping working mothers navigate
careers and motherhood. She was a finalist for the 2016 TeamWomenMN WaveMaker Award and is a
frequent speaker at local and national conferences. Missy has also been featured on WCCO I CBS News
Minnesota and in the Star Tribune to share her expertise on the power of mentoring.
Missy earned a master’s degree in Hispanic Literature at the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s
degree at Vanderbilt University. Missy serves on the Board of Directors for Twin Cities ROCK (Raising Our
Celiac Kids), a local non-profit that brings education, awareness and resources to families who have
children with Celiac Disease.
Missy resides in the Minneapolis suburbs, living a bilingual, bicultural, interfaith life with her husband
and two children.

Growth Happens In Reflection

Marney Andes is an Author, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach that has taken her Fortune 50 experience and turned that into a career that helps others leaders build their best lives.  In this episode we talk about as leaders how important it is to recognize your own bias and how to use the day to day learnings to grow as a leader, through the time you take to reflect.  You can learn more about Marney, her book and her services, at

Marney Andes is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in performance consulting, organizational design, leadership development, and executive coaching. Marney’s diverse background spans various industries, including healthcare and finance, where she has helped leaders and employees navigate complex challenges and change with simple and practical approaches.

In addition to her impressive career, Marney is an accomplished author and host of the popular weekly podcast. Her first book, Start with the Give-Me Shots: 8 Homegrown Lessons for Business and Life, is a must-read for anyone looking to gain insights on achieving success in their personal and professional lives.

Marney’s approach to problem-solving is grounded in truth-seeking, honest storytelling, and a deep commitment to creating space for others to do the same. Her passion for empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential is evident in her work as owner and principal consultant of Dynamic Intention.

A college basketball player and former Mrs. America, Marney holds a master’s degree in information and learning technologies from the University of Colorado Denver. She resides outside of Denver with her husband, Allen, and their two sons, Owen, and Brody. To learn more about Marney’s work and insights, visit her website at

Do What You Want To Do, Not What You Have To Do

Michael Levin has been responsible for ghostwriting close to 1000 books.  He helps people bring their message to life to share with the world.  In this this podcast he shares his story and his leadership wisdom with us around how to focus on doing what you want to do and not what you have to do to create more positivity in your life.

Michael Levin is one of the most accomplished and experienced ghostwriters in the United States. Over a 30-year career, Michael has written, co-written, edited, ghosted, or published more than 900 books, of which 23 are national best sellers, two are New York Times best sellers, and three are Amazon number one bestselling business books.  His websites are and, for business fiction/business fables,

Michael appeared on the first episode of Season Three of ABC’s Shark Tank, has appeared on BBC worldwide TV and radio and Good Morning, America, has been quoted in Inc. Magazine, and in Bloomberg Business. He is most proud of having edited Zig Ziglar’s final book, Born To Win.