Monthly Archives: October 2018

Be Generous

In this episode, we talk about what it means to be generous. Generosity is more than writing a check or donating your time, it’s how you use your Time, Talents, and Gifts to help others. Kris Lindahl, owner of Kris Lindahl Real Estate Group joins us to talk about how he has incorporated the value of Being Generous into his business and personal life and the impact that it has made. Don’t miss the great advice on how to be generous and how to be true to who you are to build the highest level of success.

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Stop Mowing Dandelions

In this episode we are talking about issues – we all have them, and life is more about how we manage and resolve them than the issues we actually deal with. Jaime discusses her philosophy about helping people to stop mowing dandelions and to resolve issues for good. Listen in to get some great advice on how to manage issues better so they don’t have such an impact on your personal and business life.

Can you be too much of a Team Player?

In this Episode we are discussing when being too much of a team player can affect your engagement and can burn you out. Do you say yes to everything your boss and team needs from you, even if it’s not your responsibility? Are you that person that everyone can depend on to pick up the slack? It’s a great quality to have, but it can also be a quality that burns you out if you don’t manage it. Listen as I discuss with my guest, Erica Roelike about why being too much of a team player can be bad for you in the long run.

Risk, Resilience, and ROL

Join us for today’s podcast to discuss Risk, Resilience, and ROL. We are grateful to have Jennifer Smith, CEO and Owner of Innovative Office Solutions with us to discuss her journey and how taking risks and being resilient, along with a little luck is what helped her build a $100M business. You can find out more about Jennifer’s company, Innovative Office Solutions and their “Culture Book” here: Learn about Jaime’s coaching programs by contacting us at or

No is a Complete Sentence

A key factor for success is to separate yourself from the no that you get or the no that you give. Too many of us base ourselves and our worth and value on the word no. But we have to realize it is not about us it’s about timing and the situation. We can’t feel guilty when saying no if it’s truly not the right thing for us. It’s not about the other person it’s about what’s right at that time. Join us for this podcast to learn how to get over feeling guilty saying no and how to make no from someone else feel less personal. Learn about Jaime’s coaching programs by contacting us at or