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Humility as a Success Superpower

How do you embrace a beginners mindset, how can humility help you create a career and a journey that leaves a legacy? Kanthi Yalamanchili has had a very unique path to success, one that has forced her to use her humility as a superpower to step into new roles where she had no experience and figure out how to create success. Her journey is one that can inspire us to pay attention to the opportunities that present themselves and go after our dreams.

Connection with Kanthi here:

How Strong is Your Strategic Thinking Muscle?

Many of us spends are days in full execution mode, answering emails, attending meetings and heads down working through issues.  We don’t spend much time thinking strategically or planning for the future.  And, even if we are given time in our schedule to think, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.  Mary Rapaport, the creator of The Strategic Playground, set out to solve that for leaders.  Listen in as she shares with us how to insert strategy into our day to day lives.  Learn more about Mary and her workshops at the following links: