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Your leadership journey starts early.

Jaime Taets and Jen Lindahl talk with Nate Randle about his journey, and the leadership skills he learned early on in life that formed who he is today.

About Nate:

Nate Randle is an optimist; a brand storyteller; a people-first kind of leader. Now as CEO of Gabb Wireless, Nate brings more than 20 years of experience and expertise to the nation’s leading kid-safe tech company. 

Above all, Nate Randle is a husband and father of four. He places the highest priorities on people and family. His values directly reflect his leadership at Gabb, where protecting kids and encouraging a stronger connection between families is of the utmost importance. 

Nate graduated in Finance from the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah. In his early career along the west coast, he held management and director positions at major companies like Callaway Golf and Nike. Finally returning to Utah, Nate managed divisions at Vivint, the Utah Jazz, and Qualtrics before joining Gabb in November 2021.

A few career highlights:

  • As CMO of Vivint, he exceeded $1B in revenue with Vivint C-suite team
  • Launched Utah Jazz #TakeNote campaign as Senior VP of Marketing (used by team 5+ years running)
  • Was an Exec leader on the Nike Golf team that generated YOY double-digit growth with $500M+ in annual revenue
  • Was awarded employee of the year at Callaway Golf for brand management leadership


Re-energizing Our Powers for Success

Jaime Taets is joined by Chelsey Paulson and Rana DeBoer to talk about leading in today’s business environment, putting our superpowers to use, and how everything begins and ends with leadership.

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Teaser Trailer

We are experiencing some exciting growth in KGI, as a business and in our team.  We want to bring you fresh and inspiring podcast content that drives your leadership to the next level and helps you take your business forward. Listen now to hear our CEO, Jaime Taets, give a teaser of the new things to come. Be sure subscribe today to SuperPower Success so you don’t miss a single episode!

Welcoming Jen Lindahl

Chelsey Paulson interviews our new Chief Growth Officer, Jen Lindahl, to learn more about her journey to Keystone, her new role in the organization, and her SuperPower of being a connector.

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Peak Leadership

As leaders we know that our energy is contagious, and we replenish and renew it by ensuring we are always growing and learning. Better yet we are evolving into who we have defined and are destined to become. Rana DeBoer, Chief Impact Officer, talks about simple steps to re-energize and sharpen your game in leadership. Be sure to listen to the end for a special announcement on the Peak Leadership program. To learn more about the program email us at

Employee Retention Top 10 List

Retaining employees and creating a positive culture is more important now than ever before. Chesley Paulson shares 10 tips to help businesses everywhere retain their employees and lead into tomorrow.

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Using Psychological Safety to Lead Through the War on Talent

Leading a team climate that is rich in psychological safety is an effective way to win the war on talent.  Rana DeBoer shares perspective on the what, why, and how of using psychological safety to keep and retain talent.  She shares the “5C” recipe that drives performance and engages team. Sign up for Keystone’s newsletter and learn more about how Keystone can help you and your business by contacting us at or

Great Resignation vs Great Retention

Shifting your view from stressing about the Great Resignation to focusing on retaining your employees will help attract and keep the employees you want. Retaining employees comes down to your leaders focusing on your people and your culture. Chelsey Paulson shares her thoughts on the Great Resignation vs the Great Retention and how companies that have a shared purpose create an environment where employees want to stay. Sign up for Keystone’s monthly newsletter and learn more about how Keystone can help by contacting us at or

Gratitude Throughout the Year

Many of us use the holiday season as a season of gratitude.  In this podcast we discuss the benefits of gratitude on our health and also how to find more gratitude in the everyday, not just during this time of year.
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Leap and the Net Will Appear

Fear holds all of us back from taking a step towards our dreams.  Kim Kleeman, Business Coach and Serial Entrepreneur joins us to talk about having faith that if you take the leap, the resources and people around you will be the net that supports you.  Connect with Kim at or on LinkedIn:
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