The Importance of Well-Being

Rana DeBoer from Keystone Group chats with Chaz Sandifer, CEO/Founder of theNEWmpls about the importance of well-being, her story of finding peace, and her drive to make an impact in people and community – everyday.

About Chaz

Chaz Sandifer is the CEO/Founder of theNEWmpls which focuses on affordable fitness, wellness and nutrition. Bringing her holistic approach to the community, Chaz was able to teach others how to break generational cycles, instilling that fitness is fun, quality nutrition is king, and wellness is key to a healthy future. Chaz is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Life and Wellness specializing in trauma healing, diabetes and arthritis prevention. She teaches a monthly meal prep class called Meal Prep w/a Twist, Works with the CDC, Ramsey County, MN Dept. of Health on Diabetes & Arthritis Prevention Programs and operates /owns a Farmers Market. She is humble and grateful for this journey, Chaz welcomes you to theNEWmpls. 

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