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Pay Attention to the Nuggets

Everyday we are bombarded with information, some positive and some negative. What we do with that information can have an impact on our success. Finding those positive “nuggets” of information that help us shift our paradigms, that help us learn and grow and gain a different perspective are critical in our success. But we have to get good at filtering out the negative nuggets that don’t help move us forward. Andrea Bolin, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures joins us to share her experience and wisdom on this topic. Connect with Andrea here: www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-bolin-b5578141/ and learn more about the National Development Leadership Conference here: www.leadershipdevcon.com/ Sign up for Keystone’s monthly newsletter and learn more about Jaime’s coaching programs by contacting us at info@keystonegroupintl.com or www.keystonegroupintl.com